FAQ - Matrix Travels

What minibus hire services do you provide?

At Matrix Travels, we provide 3 luxury 8-16 seater minibuses, together with accredited drivers, to transport you in comfort to/from your desired location. We are happy to provide both private minibus hire and corporate minibus hire.

How do I book a minibus?

In the first instance let us know your requirements using our quote form or telephone or email us with your requirements. We will get back to you with availability and a price and explain the rest process of the process. But rest assured, it’s not that difficult and we aim to make like as easy as possible for you!

How long are quotations valid for?

Our minibus hire quotations are valid for a maximum of 30 days from your initial enquiry.

Why don’t you have a fixed list of prices?

Quite simply because often no two trips are exactly the same. Because people and their requirements are all different means that the price offered to them is best calculated individually and tailored to their needs. We firmly believe that this approach of calculating bespoke prices – rather than relying on a price list – gives our customers quotes tailored accurately to their needs. Our pricing mechanisms rely on a number of factors including: length of hire, availability and time of day. Despite promising you the highest quality of service we still always try to be competitive with our quotes.

Does the cost of hire include a driver?

Yes, the prices we quote for minibus hire always include the driver.

Are there any other fees?

Depending on your route and itinerary there may be additional, airport fees, road and/or bridge/tunnel tolls, driver’s accommodation and meals. These fees will be advised to you at the time of booking though in some cases precise amounts may not be known until the minibus hire has been completed.

Are driver’s gratuities included in your price?

No, driver gratuities are not included in the price of minibus hire.

Is minibus hire subject to VAT?

No. At present minibus hire (with a driver) in and from the UK is not subject to VAT.

When do I need to pay for my minibus hire?

Full payment for your minibus hire is due no later than 7 days prior to travel, except where accounts have been specifically approved for credit. We accept all major credit cards.

How do I know that the minibus I am travelling on is safe?

For any business to operate minibuses with 9 or more passenger seats commercially they must hold an Operator’s Licence granted by a regional Traffic Commissioner. Being granted an Operator’s Licence indicates financial security, proper maintenance and professional management among many other attributes.

All minibuses operating in the UK should meet this minimum standard. In addition to this reputable firms such as ourselves believe and invest heavily in safety devices such as seat belts (fitted to all our minibuses), ABS braking systems, speed limiters and vehicle telematics to ensure that high standards of driving are maintained at all times.

All vehicles operated by Matrix Travels are owned by the Company. We do not operate vehicles on short-term leases; this means that we know that every vehicle we use is maintained to our own high standards over a long period of time. Each vehicle is subject to a monthly maintenance inspection by our in-house team and any issues arising from these inspections are dealt with immediately. Commercial minibuses are also subject to an annual MOT and over many years we have enjoyed a 100% first time pass rate – not something that many operators can claim.

Furthermore, our drivers have a huge depth of experience and knowledge gained over many years in the minibus industry and other walks of life. They are all highly trained and are fully conversant with drivers’ hours legislation and have been subject to stringent criminal record and health checks.

If you would like clarification or further information on our approach to ensuring your safety please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Do I have to wear a seatbelt while travelling by minibus?

Coach and minibus travel is statistically one of the safest forms of transport available. To ensure this safety standard is maintained seatbelts are provided at every seat and all passengers over 14 years of age are required by law to wear them. Use of seatbelts for younger children and babies travelling on an adult’s lap is at the discretion of the organizer (not the driver) and will depend on the size of the child and the design of seatbelt. All of our minibuses are fitted with diagonal belts. Transport of children in car seats is acceptable but we don’t provide extendable seatbelts and require an adult to sit immediately adjacent to every child carried in this way.

Are you fully insured?

Yes. For your peace of mind and to comply with our obligations we have comprehensive insurance cover in respect of all our minibuses up to £1million and Employers/Public Liability insurance up to £1million

Can your minibuses go into the London Low Emission Zone?

Yes. Our fleet of vehicles complies with all aspects of the London Low Emission Zone. Indeed we pride ourselves on doing our bit for the environment by using clean and well-maintained Euro 6 engines and regularly invest in our minibus fleet

Do you provide minibuses for people in wheelchairs?

We are sorry to say that none of our minibuses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. However, we are more than happy to convey passengers who need the use of a wheelchair provided that they can get onto the minibus and their wheelchair will collapse and fit in the rear luggage locker. Please contact us to discuss your passengers’ requirements before confirming your booking with us and we will do everything we can to help.

Is eating, drinking or smoking allowed on your minibuses?

We aim to ensure that our minibuses are presented clean and tidy at all times. For that reason we ask that food (except confectionery) and drink is not consumed on the vehicle without prior consent of the Company. Smoking is not permitted on the vehicle at any time. No alcohol will be permitted in the passenger area of the vehicle at any time.

We will have a lot of luggage with us. Can you cope with this?

Our minibuses have large rear luggage lockers available for your use. If your party anticipates travelling with a large amount of luggage or particularly heavy or bulky items please let us know at the time of booking so that we can make necessary arrangements. We regret that we are unable to carry luggage that our driver is unable to manually lift into the luggage area. Please note that for your own safety you are not allowed to carry bulky luggage in the aisle of the minibus or on passenger seats.

When I arrive at the airport how do I find your minibus?

It is standard practice for minibuses to be held in the airport coach park prior to advice that, having completed all formalities, your entire group is ready to board the vehicle. To speed things up you are advised to contact the Coach Marshall (normally located at the pickup point) and advise him/her that your group is ready for collection.

What should I do if I think I’ve lost something on one of your minibuses?

Please always check you have all your personal belongings before getting off the minibus. However, if you think you may have left something behind please call our office on 07753 231 642 during office hours and we will try to trace your property and reunite you with it but we cannot be held responsible for any item left on our vehicles. It helps considerably if you can provide accurate details of the journey on which you think you lost it on and where you were sat on the minibus. Items found on our minibuses will generally be kept for a month unless they are perishable in which case they will be kept for 24 hours only. A small fee will normally be charged for the return of your property.

What’s the best way to provide feedback on your services?

We are always pleased to hear from our customers. If you have a comment please email info@matrixtravels.co.uk or telephone us on 07753 231 642